This is a  Web site dedicated to serving the
communities of the Upper Susitna Valley with news
and announcements.  This site can help you keep
connected to the clubs and community
organizations you care about. This can be a forum
for letters to the editor as well as "thank you"
notes, and can even serve as a community bulletin
board if you're looking to get into contact with a
friend. We're also looking for advertisers, of
course, to help support this new venture. This area
is blessed with a great radio station (KTNA, as if
you didn't know) a large paper I used to write for
(The Frontiersman) and the Talkeetna Times
newspaper. I hope to fill what I see as a
much-needed niche -- quick community access to
local news.

This site will only work if people like you send in
news announcements and photos via  e-mail to
I promise to post them as soon as I can.

          -- John R. Moses, Editor & Publisher
                             Alaska Pioneer Press
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