Hanging In There Through Lean Times
###January was one rough month for a lot of businesses, and the Alaska Pioneer Press was no exception to
that rule. We put out 11 papers last year, and we will put out 11 more this year starting this month,    
February 2009. We took a one month hiatus for several reasons: The economy was slow, it was time to plan for
the next year and piles of files needed organization because the tax man soon cometh. This also gave us time
for extra puppy training. Gracie, the mammoth pup, got a lot of extra attention and is now the perfect office
dog, when she is not trying to chew on  the wireless  modem. A fair-minded pup, she does not discriminate
between the Pioneer Press, the Talkeetna Times and the Anchorage Daily News while taking care of doggie
business if we don't hear her plea to step outside.
### My wife, Gale, and I started the Alaska Pioneer Press  (
akpioneerpress.com) to provide up-to-date local
news, briefs and club and entertainment news. We thank our readers and advertisers for their tremendous
support over these past 11 months. Please send club announcements, births, weddings and anniversaries as
well as story ideas to
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John R. Moses, Editor and Publisher
- 30-
ABOVE: Gracie the mastiff mix pup has joined the
herd at Talkeetna Landings B&B and the Alaska
Pioneer Press. This was her on Bachelor's
Weekend, Dec. 5th 2008. She is now rather huge,
and growing. We're buying stock in dog food
Izzy the cat
(RIGHT) now spends a lot of time
behind Gale's computer.